Lower School Faculty: Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown, Kindergarten Teacher

Ruth Brown 4

Ruth and Lisa

Colleges and Degrees:

  • Gordon College, Masters of Education
  • Berkshire Christian College, BA Theology and Elementary Education

Number of years teaching:

  • 26 years teaching
  • 22 of those years at PCA

Ruth Brown 1

 What are your favorite things about teaching at PCA?

  • I can share my faith in Jesus.
  • Planting seeds of faith in the lives of my students and families.
  • Teaching children the magic and wonder of reading!
  • Working with amazing colleagues who share a commitment to grow the Kingdom of God.

Ruth Brown 3What are you passionate about?

  • Building community in the classroom (Responsive Classroom)
  • Children’s literature and picture books!
  • Traveling to Costa Rica with PCA’s JH Students on missions trips each year.
  • Mentoring

Name something that you have a particular knack for:

  • Knitting
  • painting

What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend?

  • With my husband and buddy Rob, walking on the beach and looking for sea-glass!
  • Being with our children and grandchildren.

ruth brown_costa ricaAre there any volunteer activities you love?

  • Taking 7th grade students to Costa Rica on a missions trip each year.